Our True Advantage is that we are:


True Blue Farms is owned and operated by Dennis & Shelly Hartmann. Blueberry farming has been a long time tradition in our family; dating back four generations to the mid 1900’s.

In 1993, we started our first farm with just 25 acres of blueberries. As of today, True Blue Farms is now one of the largest growers in North America, producing and marketing millions of pounds of premium quality blueberries.

True Blue Farms is located in Southwest Michigan’s “Blueberry Capital of the World”, just a few miles inland from the shores of Lake Michigan.

We hope our fruit feeds your passion for excellence and rewards your sense of good taste.

– Enjoy!

Signature: Dennis & Shelly Hartmann


Gently rinse and allow to air dry completely. Once dry, place them in a single layer on a baking sheet and place in the freezer (2-3 hours). Place frozen blueberries in freezer bags. Remove as much air as possible before sealing as it will help prevent freezer burn.

Blueberries are little antioxidant Super Heroes

Blueberries are Nature’s First Aid Kit.

One-half cup of blueberries delivers as much antioxidant power as 5 servings of other fruits and vegetables.

Our Blueberries have Credentials.

We are very proud to have been issued a “Superior” rating from the American Institute of Bakers (AIB), which is the highest attainable score. We are also approved by the USDA, certified Kosher, and Primus GFSI.

Blueberries Deliver an Age-Fighting Wallop.

Blueberries help to protect the body against memory and motor skills loss, as well as chronic and degenerative diseases!

Turns Out Blueberries like the Lakeshore, too.

Our blueberries are grown in the
‘fruit belt’ region of Michigan which produces a sweeter and tastier flavor. Located just inland from the shores of Lake Michigan, the climate is moderated by what is referred to as ‘lake effect’ – which keeps the area warmer when it‘s cold and cooler when it’s warm.

That’s why Southwest Michigan is considered the most productive fruit growing environment in the world – not just in Michigan, not just in North America – but in the WORLD!